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O U T    N O W

BC35 : 35 years of BC Studio

many thanks to Bronson Recordings for putting out this
epic testament to the relevance and longevity of BC Studio

Produced by Martin Bisi and Genevieve Fernworthy,
the BC35 is a MUST HAVE for anyone with a penchant
for the weird, the irreverent, and the loud.

VERY PLEASED to have collaborated on this.
Tidal Channel shares a bonus 7" split with an ensemble featuring
Cinema Cinema, Mikel Dos Santos, and David Lackner.

A Family In Mourning w/ Lydia Lunch
200 copies available on Galtta Tapes

"Eulogy" is a collection of songs for the grieving
and those who have left us. 
Guided by Lydia Lunch, Family in Mourning is not only a
musical collective, but also offers a full range of funeral services.

When you buy a record or digital download,
you will receive information on planning your postmortem
with the FIM community.

h  e     G  r  e  a  t     W  e  s  t  e  r  n

 free download available on SoundCloud

a sonic-geographic limited survey of coastal England,
written/recorded on TGW trains, December 2015.



REEPERBAHN album trailer  
new project w/  Dahm Majuri Cipolla of The Phantom Family Halo
full-length LP coming soon

the video premiere for 'Spiritual
' + kind words from Tiny Mix Tapes
brilliant visuals by filmmaker + musician Alice Cohen
and MANY thx to Dahm Majuri Cipolla for contributing drums

Coming Soon!
been hard at work with poet/performer Billy Cancel
as my other/better half of Tidal Channel,
"LURE" is a spoken word collection of folktales set in current Brooklyn:
Sea monsters, holy wells, and dead heroes return to save the city!

U P C O M I N G      D A T E S


Sat / 17th Nov


Skinny Apartment   |   Ridgewood Queens

7p    |   info here


Sat / 24th Nov


w/ Arianna Van Gelder, Johnny Lancia, Dylan A. Marcheschi, Gabe Raines, Scooter McCrae

Park Church Co-Op   |   Greenpoint BK

7p   |   info here


Thurs / 29 Nov


Walter Steding + Genevieve Fernworthy + Concetta Abbate

Park Church Co-Op   |   Greenpoint BK

8p   |   info here


Sun / 16 Dec


Park Church Co-Op   |  Greenpoint BK

8p   |   info here


Sat / 22 Dec

Tidal Channel

Marianne Vitale Studio   |   Long Island City

6p   |   BYOB