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A metacollection of musical works, AVIARY is an ongoing series of suites
composed for various members of bird species with whom Genevieve Kammel Morris
has experienced religious phenomena.

For Genevieve the entirety of existence is supernatural,
so the pieces can be understood as the documentation of specific moments
of salvation + inspiration, guilt + despair, thanksgiving + observation.

They are erotic letters, eulogies, apologies, birthday cards, Polaroids, and Psalms.
Scored in alternative notation to include looped bird calls,
she deconstructs avian phrasing to create a rhythmic base
and seeks to respond hermeneutically, often with solo viola.
video still from projections for 'Murmur'
European Starlings in Cornwall, UK
'Murmur', which is comprised of ten movements,    
is dedicated to the European Starling.

The debut of the work was accompanied by projections
of varying flight patterns,
of murmurations--
of stoically-posed individuals,
of an uninterrupted swarm of birds,
as they interact with each other and the landscapes
of rolling English countrysides and coastal villages.