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Genevieve Fernworthy is a theologian, artist, and multi-instrumentalist who performs under the solo moniker lauds.  A 2001 Inaugural Graduate of the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities,
she earned her BA in Religious Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2007, 
and is the joint recipient of a VCU Arts research grant for the creation of new work in experimental theatre.

As an early member of the feminist art collective ORGIAZZTECH!!! she performed at John Connelly Presents 
in 2008 for the exhibition A New High In Getting Low. In 2014, she contributed solo viola to The Fool by 
Colin Self and Raul De Nieves, during a string of sold-out performances at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn.

Her solo musical output is expansive and she incorporates elements of synthpop, soul, psych, and noise 
into her instrumental + vocal work.  She is presently scoring an ongoing series of suites called AVIARY
a metacollection of musical works composed for various members of bird species; and is in the development phase for Laius, a chamber opera that reimagines the Oedipal drama, focusing on the absent/present Father.

A selection from her piece The Stations—an interactive A/V installation that explores projection and reflection 
in the formation of religious belief within the Landscape of the Spectacular—premiered on Easter weekend 2016 at the Church of the Messiah / The Park Church Co-Op in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

Involved in frequent collaboration with David Lackner (Synthetic Love Dream) and Adrian Knight (Blue Jazz TV), she is also a longstanding member of the Martin Bisi band. Her partnership with Celie Dailey (Spewgeyser, Charlie McAlister) has resulted in numerous projects and recordings, most notably Slow To No Wake
an instrumental timeline of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. 

Genevieve provides sonic accompaniment to Billy Cancel in the noise-poetry duo, Tidal Channel,
and has announced a new project with
Dahm Majuri Cipolla (Sapat, Torres, Watter, MONO), as Reeperbahn. Her vocal work can be found on the recently released LP Eulogy by A Family In Mourning
a collaboration between Phantom Family Halo + Lydia Lunch (Galtta Tapes, 2017).

She launched Hidden House Press in 2009, is an active member of The Park Quartet (viola),
and co-produced the jaw-dropping compilation, BC35: the 35th Anniversary of BC Studio (Bronson Recordings, 2018). She is the Founding Director of the Kings County MicroKORG Choir.

2018 "Trust" -- single w/ Blue Jazz TV +  Billy G. Robinson
2018 ALL WILL BE WELL -- LP, Lauds
2018 The Lunary Sessions -- collaborative EPs
2018 LURE: Folktales vol.1 -- EP, Tidal Channel
2018 "Red Light / Green Morning" -- single w/ Adrian Knight + David Lackner 



S O L O   D I S C O G R A P H Y 

2016 The Great Western
2015  SevenDays
2014 make Love popular
2012 Medjugorje
2012 glamour
2010 camoflauges
2009 to the Hidden Life
2008 ELECT
2008 Big Fun
2007 you are a field in front of me
2006 tigerlilly 

2015 She Was A Fire Of Pine Cones (cassette, for the Genius Loci compilation)
2015 Chime
2015 Red Shift
2015 Parallel World
2013 drawing lines at Gatwick
2010 Two Cicadas guard the Gate (recorded live at Vito Acconci studio)
2008 you can’t always have your way

C O L L A B O R A T I V E   W O R K S 

2018        BC35: the 35th Anniversary of BC Studio
2017 A Family In Mourning – Eulogy  (featuring Lydia Lunch)
2015 Tidal Channel – II   (featuring Dahm Majuri Cipolla on drums)
2010 Tidal Channel – New Charms
2008 Stone Desert – Extraterrestrial Highway (cassette w/ James Ferraro and Labanna Babalon)

2017  Adrian Knight – Soul Searching
2017 Synthetic Love Dream – On This Day
2016 Cipolla / Fernworthy – Human Not Love
2016 Lauds + Jack Blake – Lie Down
2016 Blue Jazz TV – Hold Music
2016 Blue Jazz TV – Take Him To Heaven
2014 Chads – Slow To No Wake/MH370