full-length solo album from Lauds
A L L   W I L L   B E   W E L L
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BC35THE 35 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF BC STUDIOVol I: Ltd edition of 300 on black vinylVol II: Ltd edition of 150 on silver vinyl

Produced by Martin Bisi + Genevieve Fernworthy, the BC35 is a must have for anyone with a penchant for the weird, the irreverent, and the loud.

I am very pleased to have collaborated on this.Tidal Channel shares a bonus 7" split with an ensemble featuring:Cinema Cinema, Mikel Dos Santos, and David Lackner

preview the video belowmade by our great mate,  Scott Kiernan over at ESP-TV and Various Artists
SHARE MY CHAISEHi Bias edition of 115 cassettes
I was asked to create lyrics for 'TRUST'—then accidentally made your mom's fave #SummerJam AND Y'ALL KNOW  I absolutely cannot resist writing arrangements that make space for a good duet. Feat. legendary vocalist Billy G. Robinson of BT Express 

A FAMILY IN MOURNING featuring Lydia LunchEdition of 300 on black vinyl
"Eulogy" is a collection of songs for the grieving and those who have left us
Guided by Lydia Lunch,  Family in Mourning is not only a musical collective, but also offers a full range of funeral services
When you buy a record or digital download, you will receive information on planning your postmortem with the FIM community

REEPERBAHN album trailer  
new project w/  Dahm Majuri Cipolla of The Phantom Family Halo