THE LUNARY is an invitational-improvisational musical rite and sound-guided performance series, created / curated by Genevieve Fernworthy (Lauds). Since 2016, the series facilitates a space in which attendees can sonically work through and reflect uponthe previous intervals of time—a personal period of review— and offers an examination of conscience + a renewal of self-commitment for the upcoming term. Held in honor of the Moon, the monthly sessions seek to sonically disorient and realign both the performing musicians and audience participants; events are recorded live, and (unless indicated otherwise) were engineered by Martin Bisi at BC Studios in Gowanus.
All recordings will be released chronologically.

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Lunar New Year

with Cawly Snausages

12 February 2021

Full Blue Halloween Moon

with Christian Lee, Mark C.

31 October 2020

The Solstice III

with Martin Bisi, Lawry Zilmrah, Kolin Zein, Dan Gitlin, Jeremy Slater, Madalena Carrots, David Copenhafer

20 June 2020

The Solstice II

with Mark C, Jarvis Jun Earnshaw, Laura Ortman, Jason Lafarge, Joan Hacker, Kolin Zein, Dan Gitlin, Lawry Zilmrah

recorded by Michael Jungat St. Vitus (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

21 December 2019

Full Cog Moon

with Christian Lee, John Blonde

28 September 2019

Full Fish Moon

with Martin Bisi

14 August 2019

Full Moss Moon

with Julie Hair, Daniel Lawrence, Dylan A. Marcheschi

21 January 2019

Full Cucumber Moon

with Mark C, Dahm Majuri Cipolla

recorded by Mark Cat the Park Church Co-Op (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

25 August 2018

Full Hay Moon

with Ariana van Gelder

26 July 2018

Full Dandelion Moon

with Colin Sanderson

30 May 2018

Moon of Mercy

with Michael Jung, Kolin Zein, Daniel Lieberman

30 March 2018

Blue Birch Moon

with Concetta Abbate, Lawry Zilmrah

31 January 2018

The Solstice I

with Jarvis Jun Earnshaw

21 December 2017

Full Reed Moon

with Alice Cohen, Joan Hacker, Jeannie Fry

4 November 2017

Full Harvest Moon

with Robert L. Pepper

5 October 2017

Full Amaranth Moon

with Jim Coleman, Dahm Majuri Cipolla

6 September 2017

Full Cone Moon

with Dahm Majuri Cipolla, Bobby Bunny, Celie Dailey

8 July 2017

Full Milk Moon

with Dan Gitlin, Kolin Zein

10 May 2017

Full Pink Moon

with Gabe Raines, Alice Cohen

12 April 2017

Full Storm Moon

with Tracy Brooks, Dahm Majuri Cipolla

10 February 2017

Full Quiet Moon

with Joan Hacker, Alice Cohen

11 January 2017

Full Dark Moon

with Gabe Raines

13 November 2016

Full Ash Moon

with Martin Bisi

recorded by Genevieve Fernworthy + Mark Steinerat the Emmanuel Vigeland Mausoleum (Oslo, Norway)

14 October 2016

Full Harvest Moon

with Robert L. Pepper

16 September 2016

Full Grain Moon

with Alice Cohen

18 August 2016

Full Oak + Honey Moon

with Joan Hacker

19 July 2016

Full Blossom Moon

with Megan Moncrief

21 May 2016

Full Drift Moon

with Gabe Raines

22 April 2016