the stations

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the Stations

An interactive sculpture and A/V installation by Genevieve Fernworthy that explores projection + reflection

in the formation of relationships + religious belief within the Landscape of the Spectacular

the Stations concerns the Religious Gaze and the temptations and trials in prayer and contemplative meditation.

It attempts to facilitate a personal self-identification of the mental obstacles and philosophic pitfalls of ‘imaging’ God.

By daring visitors, as individuals, to peer into carefully constructed icons—

reachable only by climbing one of 14 ladders arranged in a room.

The piece asks us to consider the criteria for how any relationship can be interpreted, or “pre-approached”

(particularly a relationship with a ‘Creator’) in an era of commodified personal exchanges—

The problems of immediacy and mediation, in 2016 late-Capitalist United States,

where most people and products (and our relationships to both) are abundantly visualized.

At the base of each ladder, a laptop with looped footage corresponding to the particular Winner’s Prize at the top—

a mosaic of painted glass + mirrors, Chinese fortunes, poetic Cryptids , and “resurrected plants”—

in the Stations of the Cross, we glimpse not only God, but ourselves in Spectacular Time and Spectacular Space.

We catch ourselves red-handed in the act of mentally constructing the “Author of Creation”:

The god that is “thinkable”. The god that can die.

For Fernworthy, there is no greater advocate—or adversary—than one’s own Imagination:

it is the manner in which we co-create our own path of salvation or perdition.

Drawing insight from questions raised in the writings of Søren Kierkegaard, Jean-Luc Marion, and Erich Fromm,

she composes music (under the solo moniker, LAUDS ) to gain clarity and understanding, and to edify her own positions.

She earned her BA in Religious Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, and continues to be deeply inspired by the Apophatic tradition,

creating artworks that acknowledge her limitations in both thought and time-based performance.

still frame from the video “Parallel World” by LAUDS

This project is currently in implementation phase, and seeking a space to exhibit the work... perhaps yours.


14 ladders

14 icons (mixed media)

14 laptops + 14 milkcrates